Saturday, January 27, 2018

Adjustable Triangle

(Link to video on Facebook) The client wanted a warm, handmade look for their logo, so I painted it in gouache.

The tool I use at the beginning is an adjustable triangle / protractor which lets you rule a consistent slope of a known angle. It also has an "inking edge," which is beveled so that the ink or paint won't crawl under it.


Glenn Tait said...

This is great, very old school, though back in the day it probably would have been done in black ink, but red would have worked well in a stat camera. I am amazed that Alvin still has enough of a market to produce many of the traditional items they offer, like the adjustable set square. I purchased a Parallel Glider (in essence a portable rolling T-Square) from them a year and a half ago. Nice to see a hand crafted logo.


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Alan Anderson said...

That brings me back to my early drafting days. I still use them!!!!